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Limpets are found worldwide on rocky shores, where they make their home by the thousands on exposed tidal rocks. They use acid secretions to etch out an oval depression where they spend the day sucking so firmly onto the rock with their muscular foot that they can hardly be removed. At night they wander the rock, grazing on microscopic algae with a long, flexible tongue provided with hundreds of tiny rasping teeth like sandpaper. It is called a "radula". As the limpet feeds it leaves a zigzag grazing trail behind. Before dawn, guided by chemical receptors, the limpet is able to trail its way back to its rock depression home, protected from dashing waves and predators. This remarkable behavior was first reported by Aristotle 2000 years ago. See also letter "0".
Radula scraping teeths 
of snail U.S.
Common Hawaiian limpet 

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