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"A Joy To Behold!"

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Our #1 Gold Edition Butterfly Alphabet poster elegantly framed brightens the wall of a customer who wrote: "It truly enhances our fireplace living room and is such a joy to behold God's beautiful creation."

  "You have the gift of making science real, fascinating and terribly entertaining. Who knows how many future animal behaviorists, photographers, naturalists, scientists, and good citizens you touched?" - P.C. & G.K., Reston, VA

"The wonderful butterfly poster arrived. What a lovely way to call attention to nature's beauty - while we still can." - G.S., Ontario, CA

"I was happy to receive the sample of your revised poster a few weeks ago. The images "blew us all away". We thought the previous version was terrific - but it barely touches on the quality of the new one." 
P. Drackert

"I love your alphabet poster! I teach Kindergarten and of course the ABC's - so we found it fascinating ... What a great way to help integrate Science and phonics! It's beautiful!" - S. Greenleaf

"Kjell Sandved is one of our finest nature photographers. His collection, sampled here, is a national treasure."
- Cristián Samper, Secretary, Smithsonian Institution

"When nature is seen through the eyes of a master observer, even the mundane details become extra- ordinary." - Wonders on the Wing, Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1996


"Kjell B. Sandved, possibly the foremost U.S. close-up nature photographer has an eye of an artist and the perception and understanding of a scientist. He documents wonders we have never seen before." - Porter Kier, Director Emeritus, National Museum of Natural History, Washington, D.C.

"A master of the art of magnification, Mr. Sandved has traveled all over the world to capture and reveal insect behavior in its natural environment. Using equipment he designed and built himself. He has produced a fascinating photo-essay on a world that is rarely seen. It is not unusual for him to spend hours and in some instances days observing a single subject in anticipation of the 'perfect' shot.
- Sincerely yours, S. Dillon Ripley, Secretary Smithsonian Institution, Excerpt from Secretary Ripley's letter to contributing members and comments


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