Dixie Chicks CD Cover Art- "FLY"

  2000 Country Music Association Award: Album of the Year - FLY Sales: One hundred million dollars. Grammy award winning Dixie Chicks CD: "FLY" ... spelled out in butterfly letters!

Children Postcard Calendar

QueenQueen Elizabeth II of Great Britain arrived at the Smithsonian Institution in 1976 as part of her six-day official Bicentennial of the American Revolution visit to the United States. The first name spelled out in Butterfly Letters was presented to H.R.H. Queen Elizabeth II during her visit.



Christmas Cards - Lupus Foundation of America


The letters of HAPPY HOLIDAYS are written by nature's own hand on the wings of butterflies. In the 1840s the significance of the butterfly to those with lupus was recognized by the Viennese physician Ferdinand von Hebra. He described it as a distinctive rash - "mainly on the face, on the cheeks and nose in a distribution not dissimilar to a butterfly." While the butterfly across the cheeks and nose may be a common symptom of lupus, it is also the Lupus Foundation of America's symbol of hope.

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